INSTRuCT Network Organization Structure

Central Coordinating Center (CCC):

The stroke unit of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana will be the Central Coordinating Center. The CCC will create and monitor online databases of all clinical trials which are done using this network. The CCC will be equipped with infrastructure such as Servers (1-standard and 1 back-up), IT personnel and two national coordinators. The IT staff will design and maintain the online databases. The clinical research coordinators will look after the trial management across all centers.

Trial Monitoring Centers (TMC):

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana and SCTIMST, Trivandrum will be monitoring all the trials done under the INSTRuCT. The north Indian centers will be monitored by CMC Ludhiana and the south Indian centers by SCTIMST Trivandrum.

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB):

There will be an independent DSMB created by ICMR which will monitor all the trials in the network.

Individual Sites:

All the 30 centers will have 1 research coordinator who will conduct and oversee all the trials under the INSTRuCT network in that particular center.

International Advisory Committee (IAC):

Stroke experts from NIH Stroke-NET, Canadian Stroke Consortium, UK Stroke Network and Australian Stroke Trials Network will be part of the IAC. They will advise on the key issues of the Network. This will also help us to be a part of the Global Alliance of Independent Networks focused on Stroke Trials (GAINS). Prof. Gary Ford, UK, Prof. Broderick, USA, Prof. Demchuk, Canada, Prof. Anderson, Sydney, Prof. Lindley, Sydney and Dr. Billot, Sydney and Dr. Yuko Palesch, NIH-Stroke-Net, USA will be in the IAC for the next five years. All the trial protocols will be sent to the IAC for comments and they will join the meetings held by ICMR through video conference. The meetings will be held once or twice a year.